Rapid Mix Burner™ Case Study 105

TODD Ultra Low Emissions
Burner Installation

The Situation

The Boiler

A natural gas and No. 2 oil fired, 272 MMBtu/hr D-RMB was installed on a Nebraska ‘A’ type package watertube boiler rated for 230,000 lb/hr steam flow and equipped with an economizer. The TODD Combustion Group supplied one dual fuel D-RMB, an insulated windbox with baffles to provide uniform combustion air distribution, main and ignitor gas valve trains, a No. 2 fuel oil valve train, and an atomizing steam valve train. A fully metered, cross-limited control system and PLC-based Burner Management Systems were both provided by others.

The TODD Result

Fig. 2 illustrates the NOx results over the load range as obtained by a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS). The NOx ranged between 7 and 8 ppm across the load range. The excess 02 varied from about 5% at a minimum load to 3% at full load. FGR rates ranged between 30% and 35%. The CO emissions varied between 0 ppm and 9 ppm. The CO and NOx numbers are corrected to 3% O2.

Field Test Data

Load % O2% CO ppm NOx ppm
20 4.8 2 8
50 3.5 3 7
90 3.4 6 7