Thumbnail_MACT_Page_1 Boiler MACT Compliance Solutions for Major Sources

As the manufacturer of John Zink, Coen, Todd, Peabody and Hamworthy Combustion brand burners, we are uniquely qualified to help you comply with MACT rule requirements — whether it’s meeting the initial deadline or handling your annual tuning. We make the equipment, so we know the equipment like nobody else.

PWR-14139--Preventative-Maintenance_LR_web_Page_1 Preventative Maintenance for Power Burner Systems

A regularly scheduled and properly performed Preventative Maintenance (PM) program, we can help you reduce unplanned downtime, avoid possible emergency call-outs, ensure maximum availability of your equipment and extend equipment life under optimum process conditions.

Thumbnail_-iScan2_Page_1 iScan2 Flame Scanner

The iScan2 Flame Scanner was developed to help customers operate their combustion equipment safely and reliably while minimizing maintenance costs.

Industrial Products and Services

Steam Generation Solutions

As a global leader in developing clean burning combustion technologies, we combine our technical engineering expertise, vast resources and industry experience to provide advanced selection of industrial steam generation solutions.

Solutions_Industrial Emissions Directive Advanced Emission Reduction Solutions

The Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU) provides guidelines that will impact industrial operations across Europe. Our experience and expertise can get you ready.

ECOjet® Ultra-Low N0x Burner

ECOjet burners are proven to deliver low emissions with minimal flue gas recirculation (FGR) while offering extremely stable flames, high turndown and reduced boiler maintenance.

RMB™ Rapid Mix Burner

The RMB Rapid Mix Burner offers ultra-low emissions from natural gas-firing boilers with the added benefits of easy installation and start-up, compact & short flame, no moving parts, for heat inputs to 300 MMBtu/hr.

PWR-16093_QLN without FGR_thumbnail QLN Burner meets 7.9 g/GJ NOx without FGR

The best burners in the oil sands just got better. We can now meet the 7.9 g/GJ NOx statutes without the use of FGR using our proven Coen QLN™ burners.

QLN™ Burner

Today’s steam flood generator for enhanced oil recovery faces technical, economical and operational challenges to meet increasingly lower emissions standards. The patented QLN™ burner can meet low NOx and ultra low NOx emissions with efficient operation for steam flood generators in the Canadian oil sands.

COEN-13026 QLN-II QLN-II Burner for Steam Flood Generators – Case Study

QLN-II burner delivers sub-5 ppm NOx results using conventional controls.

PWR-14168 QLN-II SS_LR-web_Page_1 QLN-II Ultra-Low NOx Burner: Meeting California Emission Requirements

Oil producers tasked with meeting the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District’s emission requirements have found a reliable solution: the QLN-II Ultra-Low NOx Burner.

Variflame_Thumbnail Variflame™ & Dynaswirl-LN™ Burners

Low NOx, high-efficiency burners for package boilers capable of simultaneous gas and oil firing.  The Variflame burner for single-burner boilers, and the Dynaswirl-LN burner for multi-burner boilers, deliver reliable combustion performance with low NOx emissions.

Utility Products and Services

Utility Solutions

Dependable, efficient Coen burners, igniters, and safety systems are proven to help utility plants optimize performance while significantly lowering emissions.

Duct Burner Solutions

Coen duct burner systems are designed to provide superior solutions to meet your performance and emissions requirements.

Duct Burner Parts & Service and Retrofit

Our aftermarket experts can help solve any challenges you face with your existing system, regardless of who manufactured and installed it.

PWR-14138 ProLine In-Line Duct Burner-LR ProLine In-Line Duct Burner

An industry leading low NOx burner that is capable of heating various process streams, from fresh air to high moisture content recycled gases, and more.

IgnitersBrochure_Thumbnail Igniter Solutions

Proven igniter solutions for virtually any combustion application, all designed to deliver effective, efficient performance while meeting your requirements for reliable burner light-off, boiler warm-up and low opacity.

Low Emission Utility Boiler Burners

Our Divided Flow Low-emission (DFL) burner and Dynaswirl-LN™ burner are industry standards, optimizing system efficiency and emissions performance with low-maintenance requirements.

PREPA_CaseStudy_PWR-13027 Converting Oil Fired, T-Fired Utility Furnaces to Fire Gas and Oil – Case Study

Conversion of tangentially fired boilers that fired heavy fuel oil only, to fire natural gas and combinations of natural gas and fuel oil.

PWR-13028 Thumbnail Reducing NOx Emissions from Tangentially Fired Boilers While Minimizing Retrofit Costs – Case Study

The application of low NOx burners  on tangentially fired boilers with induced flue gas recirculation (IFGR) to provide reliable combustion and achieve target NOx emissions when operating with various refinery gas and load combinations.