Support Services

Start-Up Assistance and Installation Supervision

Our Field Service Technicians are committed to getting your equipment on line as efficiently and quickly as possible. We match the scope of your service project to a technician with the relevant skills and expertise. Major start-up projects are technically reviewed prior to commissioning by in-house Field Service Coordinators responsible for managing all aspects of field work. After initial equipment installation, it is recommended that a Field Service Technician commission and adjust your equipment for optimum performance and safe operation.

Qualified service team members provide support to handle your start-up service needs including:

    + Installation supervision and start-up assistance

    + Calibration for efficiency and safety

    + Inspections and preventative maintenance

    + Emergency service

Field Support

Our Customer Service Team is available to provide assistance should problems arise with your equipment which are beyond the scope of in-house operators. Our equipment includes Operational and Maintenance Manuals which explain recommended troubleshooting procedures. Telephone consultation with our Customer Service Department is available without charge and can sometimes save downtime and the expense of an on-site service technician. In the event that we cannot assist you by telephone, it will be recommended that you schedule a visit by one of our field service technicians.

When calling for consultation or technical assistance, please have the following information available:

    + Electrical and mechanical drawings that relate to the problem

    + File number for your equipment as it appears on documentation

    + Brief description of the problem including gauge readings, indicator lights, and controller output readings

    + Telephone number where you can be contacted if we need to call you back

    + Shipping address, preferably for air freight service