Coen Company Inc. and A. de Jong BV

A. de Jong BV of the Netherlands and Coen Company Inc of the USA have decided to dissolve their joint venture company De Jong-Coen BV with effect from 8 March 2010.

De Jong-Coen was a joint venture that was based in the Netherlands in which De Jong and Coen have worked together in the field of combutsion technology.

A. de Jong and Coen have mutually decided that their cooperation -which has been operative since 1973- is no longer beneficial to each of them.

Therefore, they have jointly decided to end their partnership via the joint venture and to each pursue their own busniess interests.

Further information can be obtained from Earl Schnell at Coen Company

Inc (+1-650-686-3290) and from Albert de Jong and Sven Reichrath at A. de Jong BV (+31-10-446 9222).